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i've known this sweet, fun-loving, full-of-life...and might i add BEAUTIFUL... lady since 2005(ish) and i just love her! from making silly faces in the camera (taking pics of ourselves) to knowing what "old-school" is at a teenie-bopper concert to sharing heartache and pain, then to marriage...this blue-eyed beauty is a special friend. you can see in the photos below how her personality shines and what a great partner (in crime) she has for life. 

we revisited their wedding site (the lafayette in downtown little rock, ar) and talked about the wedding i missed (yes i was a bridesmaid but due to car accident the night before...didn't make it..BOO).

i could go on and on about this precious couple but go ahead and scroll on down...check them out while i continue to mentally reminisce :0)


miss thang...i am so blessed to call you my friend. i love you and the mr!

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