happy thanksgiving!!!!

happy thanksgiving dear friend! i woke to a beautiful day at my in laws home. i love my family! i had my quiet time with the Lord and i am amazed at all the blessings He has given me...wow! after a round of coffee and catching most of the macy's thanksgiving day parade, my sweet mother in law, marmy...and of course sugar the dog...took off to get the newspaper to check out the black friday sales (oh yes! we will be out there with all the silly people who want that awesome deal!). we verbally marked what we wanted (like we are in need of anything) and proceeded to get ready for our day at mee-maws. (i am blessed to have 2 precious grandma in laws!!!!! i miss mine terribly!) i cooked baked beans, one of my aunts yummiest dishes, and marmy made sweet potato casserole....delish! we arrived just in time to pray and dig in...i can't say this enough....i love my family...flaws and all...they were given to me as a gift and i cherish every moment with them! after full tummies and another glance at sale ads, a few of us took a quick trip to walmart. (haha...funny story...i asked to "try out" a bicycle so i could inform the dear hubby of what i might like. let's just say that i have to have a 24" wheel...i fall over with the 26" wheels, lol funny and embarrassing moment!)

we arrived back at the in laws home and dear hubby and i had our "daily walk" (time where we are reading the Bible in a year) and it was about generosity/giving...how appropriate for the day/season :0). i want to be a giver...from the heart. i think i will go to sleep pondering these chapters that we read.

i do hope and pray that your bellies are full and you took time to love on and thank those whom you cherish. we truly are a blessed people.

till next posting...keep smiling! :0)

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