Family *A's Bundle of Joy

Family *A is precious to many who live in their town and the surrounding area.

Last year Mommie-n-Daddy *A set out on the biggest adventure they've dreamed about. It was miraculous in every way and Baby *K arrived! Those big brown eyes and head full of feather-like hair were placed in the arms of Mommie *A seconds following the birth. It was amazing to hear the joy and love in Mommie *A's voice as she elucidated moments following her birth.

In December I visited with Family *A and took some pictures. The two were so cute with Baby *K!! When Mommie *A talks with baby, she would try and coo along with the sound of Mommie's voice. As Daddy *N held her in the rocker, she stared up at him with the most adorable fixed gaze. And I can’t forget to mention the bath-time…so cute! God has definitely given Family *A a home full of joy, love and laughter!

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